August 11, 2023

Matterport vs Giraffe 360


Alfie Darko

Matterport vs Giraffe 360

Welcome to the exciting world of real estate's future: 3D virtual property tours! Imagine potential buyers and renters enjoying a 360 tour of your properties at their convenience, right from their homes. It was a lifesaver during COVID lockdowns, and we're convinced this 3D virtual tour trend is here to stay.

But here's the challenge – you want the best virtual tours available. If you've been exploring options, you've likely seen the Matterport survey and Giraffe 360 cameras. We've compared them to help you find your fit.

3D Virtual Tour Features Face-off: Giraffe 360 vs Matterport Survey

Your priority is a 360 tour that does everything you need. Giraffe 360 takes excellent 360-degree photos but lacks an impressive "dollhouse view." Matterport, however, offers fully interactive 3D virtual property tours, complete with detailed dollhouse views. This means viewers can enjoy the property at their own pace, and yes, high-quality 360 photos are included.

Special Mention: Matterport Tags

Matterport surveys let you add handy notes to your virtual tours, highlighting your property's best features. Whether it's the concealed dishwasher or the heating system, Matterport's 3D virtual property tours replicate the personal connection of an on-site tour with your estate agents.

Measuring Up: Giraffe 360 vs Matterport 3D Virtual Property Tour

Matterport's 3D virtual property tour gives viewers precise measurements without additional visits or queries, perfect for fitting their furniture. Giraffe360 also steps up with Floor Plans, boasting a minimal 2% error variance through LiDAR technology.

Price Points: Giraffe 360 vs Matterport Survey

Matterport Pro offers a premium 3D virtual property tour service with a corresponding price. Giraffe 360 provides a budget-friendly option for quality 360 tours. Craving Matterport's premium experience without the cost? All In House is here for you. We provide this service in house so we can offer the highest quality, best client communication and value. We don't use middle men like other providers.

we use Matterport's latest technology to create stunning, immersive, 3D virtual property tours. Let us take care of the entire process, from scanning to same-day delivery. Focus on matching clients with their dream homes, and leave the 360 tours to us.

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