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Our company provides a cost-effective alternative package tailored for landlords and estate agents who have already secured tenants but still require top-quality cleaning and inventory services.
This includes professional deep cleaning services and detailed inventory reports, expertly managed by our skilled and experienced team.

Our cleaning services are designed to provide a thorough and deep clean, leaving your properties spotless and ready for new tenants or guests. Our inventory reports are comprehensive and detail-oriented, ensuring that you have an accurate record of the condition and contents of each property.

Choose our cleaning service for:

  • Thorough cleaning services
  • Comprehensive inventory reports
  • Professional and experienced team
  • Complete management of the cleaning and inventory process
  • Affordable pricing for those who have already found tenants

Property Type

Additional Inventory Checkout Report




1 Bed, 1  Bath



2 Bed, 1  Bath



2 Bed, 2  Bath



3 Bed, 1  Bath



3 Bed, 2  Bath



3 Bed, 3  Bath



For larger properties, please get in contact for a custom quote

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